Groundhog Day: What to Expect for Your Lawn with More Winter or an Early Spring

Today, February 2nd, marks the 137th Groundhog Day! Since the original prediction in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in 1887, the aptly-named "Punxsutawney Phil" has only been correct about the coming weather patterns around 39% of the time. 

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Your 2024 Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar

With the arrival of a brand new year there's no better time than the present to get started on planning out essential care for your lawn for 2024! A well-kept and lush lawn doesn't sprout up overnight, it requires year-round effort to maintain growth, prevent disease and more. From those hot summer days to the cold winter nights, check out our ulti...

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Understanding the Connection Between Weather & Lawn Disease

When you picture your lawn at its peak of health, you think about the grass being warm, vibrantly green and soft to the touch. What we do not often picture are rough, bare spots or unsightly discoloration due to lawn disease.

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Unlocking the Benefits of Horticultural Oils for Plant Health

As we settle into the winter months here in Georgia, our lawns and gardens begin their transition into the dormant phase. The silver lining? The much-welcomed break from weekly lawn mowing and maintenance. But there is another opportunity homeowners should be taking advantage of during this dormant season — it is the perfect time to harness the power of horticultural oils.

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Conquering Winter Weeds: Why You Need a Pro to Protect Your Lawn

As winter starts to fall over Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, many homeowners may be tempted to put their lawn care routines on hold. However, this is a crucial time to address the issue of winter weeds, which, contrary to popular belief, can be particularly persistent and detrimental to the health of your lawn year-round.

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Your Fall Lawn Care To-Do List

We're a few weeks removed from the autumnal equinox, otherwise known as the start of fall, and as most Georgians may be able tell, those early morning cold temperatures came a bit early this year! Last October, Georgia residents would've been able to feel an average of 65⁰F degrees outside, this year that average is closer to 55⁰F through 3 weeks. If you love fall weather then you might already be rejoicing to have outlasted another Georgia summer, but what do these fall temperatures mean for the health your lawn? 

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Proactive & Reactive Pest Control Tips for the Fall

While it really is starting to feel like fall is finally here, most Georgians are still going to be experiencing very warm afternoons. So as you notice the leaves change colors and begin to fall off of their trees, it's important to pay attention to other changes that might be going on in your yard. Just because the mosquitoes aren't buzzing around as much this time of year does not mean your lawn is without pests, or the effects of their presence. 

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Essential After-Seeding Care

Creating a lush, vibrant lawn doesn't end with seeding; it's just the beginning. After planting the seeds, your newly seeded lawn requires careful and consistent care to ensure it thrives. Let's talk about the crucial steps for after-seeding care that will help your lawn reach its full potential.

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Fall Turf Painting: Preparing Your Lawn for the Season

As the leaves change and the temperature drops, it's clear that autumn has arrived. While homeowners might consider fall as a time to rake leaves and put the lawnmower away, Agropro knows it's an ideal season for more: turf paint. 

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Battling Grubs and Armyworms Late in Season

As the end of summer approaches, we can expect the return of two notorious pests ­– grubs and armyworms. These insects can create chaos on lawns, gardens, and crops, causing damage that may lead to significant economic losses. Check out these strategies from your local lawn care experts on how to protect your green spaces and fields from these invaders. We'll dive into the importance of preventative programs as well as effective reactive treatments to ensure your yard remains beautiful throughout the season.  

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Is Georgia Heat Stressing Out Your Lawn?

When it comes to the summertime, most people would likely associate the season with enjoying a relaxing beach vacation, afternoons spent by the pool, or even a night under the stars, but not stress! While we might enjoy those hot summer days (to an extent), our lawns might be experiencing a phenomenon known as heat stress. 

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Re-energize your Fescue lawn with Aeration and Overseeding

 As the summer heat settles and the first hints of autumn appear, it's the perfect time to breathe new life into your fescue lawn! Fescue grass, adored for its thick, cool-season charm, requires a little extra care compared to warm-season grasses. Unlike its spreading fellow, fescue doesn't spread through rhizomes or stolons, making annual reseeding an important step to ensure your lawn stays thick, healthy, and vibrant. Check out these tips from your local lawn care experts on the magic of proper aeration and overseeding, the dynamic duo that will transform your lawn into a masterpiece.

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Navigating Fleas and Ticks in Georgia

Georgia residents and visitors love to explore the great outdoors. However, with the beauty of nature comes the possible encounter of unwanted pests like fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks thrive in warm and humid environments, making Georgia an ideal breeding ground. These tiny creatures can cause health risks to humans and pets, making it vital to understand their habits, prevention methods and effective control measures. 

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Controlling Early Summer Weeds in Your Lawn

One of the best parts of the summertime as a homeowner is watching your lawn grow in to its greenest potential. You've spent all winter and early spring waiting for your lawn to come out of its dormant, yellowish brown stage, only to see weeds sprout up instead. Even worse, seeing weeds sprout up that you either do not recognize or cannot get rid of can make for a frustrating summer.

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Spotting & Treating Different Types of Fungal Disease

As most homeowners know, there is nothing better than having a perfectly lush, vibrantly green lawn throughout the summertime. And just as well as we know what we want in a lawn, we know how to spot something we don't – lawn disease.

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How Inconsistent Soil Temperatures Can Impact Your Lawn

If you're a Georgia native, you know how unpredictable the weather can be – and there's no better example of this than our latest spring temperature trends. You may head out to your vehicle in the morning to go to work feeling a cool, crispness to the air, only to head out in the afternoon to scorching summer-like heat. Not only will most Georgians pick up on this phenomenon, but your lawn will too. 

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Controlling Grubs in North American Lawns

Did you know that white grubs could be considered one of the most damaging turf insects in the United States? That's right, grubs are one of the single-worst insects that can do damage to your lawn's health. One of the reasons they are one of the hardest insects to treat is due to their many stages of life they cycle through, and how quickly they are able to reproduce and go into hiding.
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What to Know About Warm Season Core Aeration

When you think of your routine lawn care, what comes to mind first? Maybe you think of weekly mowing, or maybe even occasionally spreading fertilizer. While those are great ways to encourage healthy a healthy lawn, one of the often-overlooked aspects of your lawn's health is soil compaction. 

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Your Springtime Watering & Mowing Guide

With spring fully in bloom and summer right around the corner, you're probably gearing up for another year of lawn mowing and watering. This is the time to for your lawn to shine, your grass will be exiting its dormant period as the soil temperatures hold above 50 degrees and you'll begin to see the vibrant green color return to your lawn. 

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Prepping Your Lawn for Spring

It's that time of year where Georgians can enjoy mornings with frosty temperatures, and by mid-afternoon begin to see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. With today being the first official day of Spring, there is no better time to begin preparing your lawn to flourish once the growing season begins! 

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