Why Turf Painting?

In the Southeast, warm-season grasses (Bermuda and Zoysia) enter dormancy when temperatures begin to drop below 50 degrees, typically in the late fall, and remain dormant until temperatures warm up again. While warm-season lawns are dormant, they lose their green color and turn yellowish-brown. If you are tired of the dull appearance of your dormant lawn, we have a solution! The Agropro team is excited to offer turf painting to make your lawn look great through the holidays and into the new year.

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The Benefits of Turf Painting

  1. Saves Time. By having your turf painted, you get a beautiful, green lawn without the hassle of constant maintenance. It only takes a couple of hours and can keep your lawn looking green for months.

  2. Saves Money. Do you know how much you spend on water consumption strictly from watering your grass? It’s probably more than you think. Once you paint your grass, you can significantly decrease the amount of water your lawn needs to the 1.5 inches/week minimum.

  3. Aesthetically Pleasing. Everyone loves a green lawn, but sometimes it can be more hassle than what you think it’s worth. Turf paint allows you to enjoy the benefits of a green lawn, without the commitment needed to maintain that color naturally. Additionally, when everyone else’s lawns start to brown because of cold weather, your lawn will keep its color.

  4. Controls Weeds. No one likes dealing with weeds, and some have found that painting your lawn can actually make weeds easier to control.

  5. Long Term Benefits. The paint on the grass helps retain heat, which allows the grass to continue to grow into the fall longer than it would have if it wasn’t painted. This also tends to have the effect of your grass getting green earlier in the spring season.

  6. Rain Doesn’t Affect the Paint. Many think that rain washes the paint off, but this isn’t the case. When having your turf painted, it’s important to make sure that there isn’t any precipitation in the immediate forecast. However, once the lawn is painted and has had the proper amount of time to dry (usually a couple of hours), your painted turf will be set against rain.

Can you spray paint your own grass?

Though there are many D-I-Y turf paint recipes online, we recommend having a professional paint your lawn so they can get the color correct and avoid striping. Artists make it look easy, but if it’s something you don’t do frequently, it may not turn out the way you want it.

Agropro’s turf painting service is a fantastic solution for several reasons:

  • We use only high-quality turf colorant that is safe for the environment.
  • The high-quality turf colorant provides consistent, natural color to make your lawn look lush and green.
  • Turf painting is completely safe for your lawn, your kids, and your pets.
  • We are equipped with the right tools to ensure clean edges on painted areas and to avoid overspray.

It’s a win-win option! Call us today for pricing and more information.

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