Plant Health Care

Health care is getting a lot of attention these days. Almost every day, we're hearing about new ways to live longer and better. The maintenance of our energy and vitality is being recognized as the key to improved health.

The idea of concentrating on prevention, rather than cure, can easily apply to much more than humans. Prevention also plays an important part in the maintenance of your lawn. And one of the best ways to maintain your lawn's health is to practice Plant Health Care. 

Plant Health Care (PHC) is a fairly new term but has actually been practiced, unnamed, for a long time. It represents a proactive approach to lawn management, rather than one that is strictly reactive.

The idea of PHC is simple. Your lawn can protect itself by using its own natural defense mechanisms but, like humans, it must first be in a healthy, stable condition. And, in order for turf to keep up its own natural defenses, some helpful environmental conditions (above and below the surface) must be maintained.

  • Soil: Many plants require specific soil conditions for proper health. A plant that's planted in poor soil or in a less-than-ideal location will have little chance of a healthy life span.
  • Watering: Beware…too much or too little water is often the biggest reason that new plantings fail.
  • Mowing: Both a dull mowing blade and an improper mowing height can cause your lawn to suffer stress.
  • Fertilization: Knowing the best time of year to fertilize, and the right amount to use, aids your lawn in achieving maximum balanced, healthy growth.
  • Aeration: Core aeration prevents thatch build-up, and improves the soil.

The process of good plant health care works just like human health care…by relieving stress, improving the diet, and concentrating on early detection of problems. By practicing prevention, you can help produce a healthy stand of grass that will be less affected by and will recover more quickly from insects, diseases, and other invading, unwelcome guests.

Agropro Lawn Care Service~ Agropro provides Lawn Care and Plant Health Care services to these areas in North Georgia: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buckhead, Canton, Cumming, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Marietta, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Woodstock.
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