Step towards a better environment, and a way to help your soil, too

We realize once again that there is no such thing as a free lunch. After enjoying the show, the performers fall down on us and leaf raking time is back. 

Now is the perfect time to think about turning those leaves and other yard waste into the black gold of compost. There is no need for a lot of expensive equipment. A small pile of leaves thrown in a corner of the yard will work, or composting bins can be bought in all sizes and price ranges. 

Composting is a natural process that changes organic waste into a dirtlike material used for gardening. Bacteria breaks the material down into stuff plants can use – nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium. And, when properly done, it doesn't smell bad. An easy way to turn dead tree leaves into humus is to put them in dark plastic bags, add a little soil, a handful of fertilizer and a small amount of moisture. Put the bags in a sunny spot, and the leaves break down quickly. 

When expecting a severe winter, rotted leaves and compost can be piled around perennials to protect them and provide nutrients for spring growth. 

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