Up to Date on Flea & Tick Treatments?

Your lawn can be a host to a number of pests and insects, and with the ever ranging and unpredictable Georgia climate, pests like fleas and ticks can be a nuisance all year long. Since their livelihood relies on having a warm-blooded host, these insects are technically parasites. Controlling their presence in your lawn is crucial in keeping your family and pets safe from irritation, bites, and even disease.

Fleas in Georgia 

Fleas are naturally more noticeable than ticks due to their bouncing and flying, as well as their effects on their hosts, such as small red bumps and itching. Fleas typically are most active in the late summer and fall months, putting them in prime position to ruin your outdoor fall activities. Fleas are technically parasites, and can be quite the chore to remove from your furry friends. Fleas can even jump upwards of 7 inches in distance, making your family just as vulnerable.

Not only can fleas and ticks latch on to your family, but they most notably can affect our pets. With fleas, even if your pets are the only ones going outside most of the time, they still can carry fleas indoors to find new hosts in your family, carpet, or even upholstery.

Aside from flea protection for your pets, you can also have your lawn treated to control fleas. Since Georgia wildlife can often carry fleas, when animals like raccoons and squirrels enter your yard, they can transfer fleas too. If you're looking to protect your lawn, family, and pets from fleas, contact AgroPro today to learn more about treatments.  

Ticks in Georgia  

Contrary to popular belief, ticks are alive and active even in the winter. Even though people typically take precautions right before summer, Georgia's mild and unpredictable climate allows these insects to remain active throughout the year.

Known as the "black-legged tick," this species thrives in the winter, and just like other tick species, carries Lyme disease. Along with protecting your pets with different types of tick treatments, you can also have your lawn treated to control tick presence. At AgroPro, insect control specialists can work to decrease the tick presence in your lawn to keep your family and pets safe.

There are several species of ticks that can be found here in the southeast, and each species varies on whether they carry disease or not. In most circumstances, nymph and adult ticks primarily carry disease, but due to most ticks' average size of two millimeters, determining their age can be difficult. Knowing how to prevent and check for ticks after being outside is important here in Georgia, check out this guide on how to avoid bites for more information.

Continual Inspection 

If you're looking to protect your family and pets from insects, AgroPro's lawn care specialists offer continual inspection. We will notify you of irregular insect activity and make recommendations for treatment when required. Contact AgroPro today to learn more about inspections for insect control. 

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