Say Goodbye to Summer Weeds

When you picture your perfect lawn, you may think of freshly cut grass that is the perfect shade of green, trimmed shrubs, and blooming flowers, but somewhere around the corner or against the side of your home, are those pesky weeds that just will not go away. 

Well, with the warm weather in full swing, your lawn's weeds are growing faster than any other time of the year, taking nutrients from other plants around them. We've put together a few ways that you can get rid of weeds during their peak season and keep your lawn looking great and healthy. 

 1. Don't Let Them Grow

With each day of sun that goes past, a weed can grow taller and stronger, sinking its root systems into your lawn. It's important to pull up a weed as soon as you see it, as neglecting weeds can lead to some deep root systems that can harm your lawn and other plants. Weed root systems can grow anywhere from a couple of inches deep to a couple of feet if neglected. So, if you spot weeds in your yard, don't wait too long - pull them out! 

 2. Reduce Their Sunlight

Weed plants and their seeds require a lot of sunlight to fuel their rapid growth. One of the best ways to cut off their sunlight supply is to create shade over the soil. 

If you're noticing weed growth in your lawn, raise your mower's blade next time you cut the grass. This will allow your grass to shade the weed seeds and discourage growth. Another way you can block sunlight to the seeds is by planting larger plants closer together, letting your shrubs and bushes do the work for you. 

 3. Fallen Seeds

Some common weeds, such as crabgrass or foxtail, can produce up to hundreds of thousands of seeds per plant. Typically, weed seeds only need to sit on the surface of the soil to get the nutrients they need.

It is important that when pulling a weed to not disturb the soil too much or feel the need to pack it back in when removing the weed. This can actually cause any fallen seeds to get replanted and grow right back after you're done. 

 4. Watering

Hydration can effect weeds in different ways. For instance, it is always best to try and pull weeds after it rains. This will make them easier to pull since the water has loosened the soil and will let you pull out the entire root.

Another way to dissuade weed growth is by watering deeply and not as often. This will allow your lawn to grow deeper, stronger roots that will be able to stand up to weeds all summer long. 

 5. Mulching

One of the most common visual elements people choose to adorn their lawns and gardens with is mulch. While it does look nice, mulch actually can do a lot in terms of protecting your lawn from weed growth.

Mulch allows your plants to soak up trapped moisture and stay cool, letting them grow taller to shade any potential weed seeds. 

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