Identifying Lawn Pests in the Fall

With those humid, summer months behind us, the days of pesky mosquitoes are beginning to fall behind us as well. The arrival of cooler days does not mean our lawns will be without pests. In fact, this time of the year brings several types of pests you may not see all year around. 

One of the best things you can do to take preventative measures towards pest presence in your lawn is by mowing regularly, maintaining the appropriate moisture levels, and eliminating weed growth. Of course, even sometimes pests will show in your lawn's ecosystem. We've put together a short list of some that might pop up here in Georgia during this time of the year! 


Perhaps one of the most damaging and invasive pests found in Georgia lawns are grubs. Grubs, the larvae of June and Japanese Beetles, are the primary pest of turf grass. These pests will chew straight through grass roots and cause major harm to your lawn.

One of the best times of the year to take preventative action towards grubs is in the fall, as during this time of the year they shouldn't have hatched quite yet. Insecticides are quite effective in the means of grub control. If grub damage does appear before treatments can be made, reseeding and extra watering may be necessary to repair the affected areas. 


The most common armyworm you'll find in Georgia is known as the fall armyworm. These are the caterpillars of moths, and typically will be most common during late summer and early fall months. Some of the most obvious signs of armyworms in your lawn can be skeletonized leaves, scalloped grass blades, and larvae feces.

Something that may attract adult moths to your lawn during their egg-laying period is a lawn that is overgrown or has a lot of weeds. This is yet another reason to keep your lawn well maintained, allowing predators, like larger insects, arachnids, and birds, to pick them off more easily. We offer custom programs to control armyworms and other pests that will fit your specific needs, contact AgroPro today to learn more. 

Moles & Gophers

Moles and gophers are not nearly as common as your backyard squirrels and chipmunks; nevertheless, they are some of the pesky mammals that might be uprooting an area of your lawn. The southeastern pocket gopher is most common to our area, found in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida only. This is the only species of gopher found in Georgia, and although they are fairly uncommon, they can still cause a good bit of damage to your lawn.

As with any lawn pest, it's better to be proactive than reactive. Our specialists will continually inspect your lawn for insects during visits.  We will always notify you of any insect activity in your lawn and make treatment recommendations to help eliminate them. Contact AgroPro today to learn more about our pest inspection and prevention processes.

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