8 Benefits of Keeping a Healthy Lawn

If your home has a lawn, it's probably safe to say that the green space was one of the deciding factors that led you to purchase that particular home. Other than the appearance of the home itself, your lawn makes up a huge portion of your property's curb appeal – but did you know there are additional benefits to having a well-maintained lawn? A well-maintained lawn can help to provide a healthier, more pleasant environment for you, your family and your community. Here are some interesting facts about lawns that you may not be aware of: 

Environmental Health 

1. All animals, regardless of whether they live in the air, on land, or in the sea, undergo cellular respiration, which helps our bodies to process oxygen and important nutrients. This process also releases byproducts, such as carbon dioxide, which we exhale. In order to maintain the balance of breathable oxygen and carbon dioxide, we rely on plant life, which thrives on carbon dioxide and converts it back into oxygen. As it turns out, a 50 square foot lawn can produce enough oxygen daily for a family of four!

2. Did you ever wonder why concrete can burn your bare feet on a hot day, but grass always seems to feel cool? The evaporative process your lawn undergoes throughout the course of the day has been shown to help your lawn remain significantly cooler than the surrounding human-made ground.

3. In addition to clearing out carbon dioxide, grass can help to pull pollutants from the air, releasing fresh, clean oxygen in its place.

Quality of Life 

4. Part of the great outdoors is dealing with pesky biting and stinging insects. Thankfully, keeping a lawn healthy can actually reduce the pain those creepy crawlies can cause. A lawn kept free of weeds can actually reduce the number of biting and stinging insects within that lawn.

5. Do you experience seasonal allergies? Many seasonal allergies are caused by annoying weeds in lawns, but proper care for a lawn can reduce the presence of those weeds, and therefore reduce the amount of pollen you'll have to deal with. Additionally, grass pollen tends only to be released when the grass gets long enough to flower, so mowing frequently can help to address that allergy as well.

6. Sound pollution can make suburban living troubling, but keeping a well-maintained lawn can work like a sound panel in a concert hall, absorbing sound and preventing the rebounding echo that can make a city so noisy. 

Soil Quality 

7. Thick turf, as well as filtering out carbon dioxide and other pollutants, can also help to filter water as it returns to ground water supplies, preventing potentially harmful chemicals from reaching the water supply.

8. In areas where winds can be high and erosion danger is plentiful, the roots of a healthy lawn will prevent the damage caused by erosion.

These benefits, and many others, are important reasons to keep your lawn healthy and free of pests and weeds. Get in contact with us today to learn how to keep your lawn as strong as possible! 

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