Grub Damage to Lawn: Everything You Need to Know

No one wants grubs…just the word itself doesn't sound too appealing, does it? You may be wondering "what are grubs exactly?" Great question! Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. They look like c-shaped creatures and you are most likely to find them in your soil. They're not attractive little critters and they certainly don't do any favors for your yard – especially when they're occupying it by the masses. 

Reasons for Grub Damage to Lawn 

Just the presence of grubs isn't the sole reason for the destruction of your lawn, there are a variety of reasons you may see extensive damage. 

  1. Grubs feed off of grass roots and organic matter in your soil. This often looks like drought damage and you will notice that the grass will roll back like carpet since the roots have been consumed by the grubs.
  2. Just as grubs enjoy eating grass roots and organic matter, several animals enjoy eating grubs. These animals include birds, moles, skunks, and raccoons. Though you may be thrilled at first that they're eating these pests, you will be less thrilled to know that they're digging through your grass in order to get to the grubs. This digging can destroy your grass, and thus your yard.
  3. As previously discussed, grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. Once they mature into Japanese beetles, they lay more eggs, which further contributes to your grub issue.

How to Know if You Have Grubs 

Even if you have mole or skunk activity in your yard, that doesn't mean that you have grubs as these unwelcomed visitors may be wreaking havoc on your yard for other reasons. Don't believe it until you see it, so go check it out for yourself! One way you can do this is by selecting an area of your yard where you suspect a grub infestation. First, cut into a square foot of grass. You can try to peel up the grass like carpet which could be a sign of grub infestation. After you pull up the section, sift through the soil and see how many grubs there are. If you find less than 10 in a square foot, there's nothing to be concerned about. However, if you find more than 10, you're looking at a grub infestation. 

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Grubs? 

Agropro has a grub control treatment that lasts for up to 6 months. This treatment also reduces the number of Japanese beetles, minimizing the larvae and serving as a method for reducing grubs both now and in the future.

What Next?

Some think that a beautiful lawn is a simple product of fertilizer and water, but there's more to it than that! It's important to get the full scope of your lawn by checking on your soil, minimizing pests that cause harm to your grass, investing in valuable treatments, and having someone in the business that can point you in the right direction when you just can't quite get it right. At Agropro, we use our years of experience to take your lawn to the next level. 

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