Getting the Drop on Mosquitoes

This spring has been exceptionally mild so far, and some of us might start to see that as an opportunity to take the cover off of the grill and having those long-awaited evening barbecues again. Unfortunately, as weather warms up and rain becomes more frequent, our friends might not be the only creatures paying a visit to those cookouts. In warm weather, it's important to keep a look out for bloodthirsty mosquitoes. In addition to inflicting a painful bite, mosquitoes can transmit diseases. But rest easy – AgroPro has some tips to help you stave off these flying pests this spring!

Remove Standing Water

Once temperatures begin consistently reaching over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the mosquito breeding season begins. Mosquitoes look for pools of non-moving water in which to lay eggs, and their eggs can hatch within just 5 days of having been laid, in the right conditions. Once they're hatched, they can mature very quickly; as such, it's extremely important to employ preventative measures first.

  • Dump anything that holds water such as birdbaths, trash cans, wading pools and outdoor pottery twice per week if it has rained.
  • Keep gutters clean and unclogged.
  • Keep swimming pools cleaned and chlorinated, even when not in use.
  • Look for areas in the landscape that are not draining well.
  • Aerate ornamental water features to keep water moving and discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs. 

Anti-Mosquito Lawn Maintenance 

Mosquitoes are drawn to water wherever they can get it plentifully, and that means your lawn is no exception to the list of potential mosquito habitats. Be careful to keep your lawn and landscape pruned; when areas become overgrown, they tend to hold on to more water and prevent evaporation of the water that's already there. Additionally, it's important to keep a close eye on your sprinkler system. Overwatering a lawn can lead it to hold more water than it can use, creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Traditional Anti-Bug Measures 

One of the ways that mosquitoes find the humans they choose to feed on is by detecting the carbon dioxide we all exhale. By using old-fashioned measures to disperse that carbon dioxide, such as a patio ceiling fan, mosquitoes will have a harder time finding their target. 

Still Dealing with Pesky Mosquitoes? 

While it's true that an ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure, there are often factors we cannot control. Living nearby to a water source, having a large lawn, or other factors can make it difficult to prevent mosquito propagation altogether. AgroPro offers mosquito control programs designed to control and repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy your property. Each treatment will give you up to 28 days of protection. 

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