Combatting Crabgrass

If you didn't see a single, ugly crab plant, it doesn't mean you're immune this spring. The strength of crabgrass is in its numbers. Each plant that grew in your neighborhood last year produced as many as 4,000 seeds before it died. Those seeds may have found their way into your lawn on the soles of shoes, by being blown on the wind, or by birds. 

Getting crabgrass out of your lawn is not a once-and-for-all kind of thing. It takes continued care to be sure we keep it out. Pre-emergent weed controls are designed to knock out crabgrass seeds before they sprout, and they work very well.

In addition to this, proper turf care helps discourage crabgrass from making inroads. Keeping your lawn watered and mowing high (not scalping) prevents the hot, dry conditions that crabgrass loves. For this same reason, extra watering of turf that is close to pavement also helps discourage crabgrass germination. If you have questions about what you or Agropro can do to help rid your lawn of crabgrass, please give us a call! 

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